Nail Cards

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Nail Cards by Celina Rydén

The ultimate tool to fight creativity blocks and grow as an artist and your own creative thought process.

Perfect Christmas gift for yourself, your nail friend, or someone who loves nails!


Whenever you need a creative helping hand, pull out this deck and magically feel the inspiration returning.

The card deck of 67 nail cards is divided into five sections: 

  • 20 color cards
  • 20 word cards
  • 20 element cards
  • 4 shape cards
  • 3 accent cards

Together they will help you create something unique for every nail set! This deck has been designed and hand-drawn by Celina Rydén and includes her signature style inspired by bohemian elements. With this deck you’ll be challenged to try out new exciting ways to spark your creativity and the combinations are endless.

It’s a deck that is not only telling you what to do, but it’s also meant to help grow your own creative thought process though visual inspiration and grow as an artist.

Use it together with your client, your Aleana Practice Hand or on your own together with the design book to prepare sets for the week or for those creative block days.

Width: 9.5 cm

Height: 13.4 cm

Depth: 4.1 cm

Weight: 282 grams

Here you have the perfect way to show off your nail cards!

Customer Reviews

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Emily Johnson

These cards are amazing! I frequently get “nail artist block” and these helped me out so much! The artistry is amazing, the presentation is beautiful. These are absolutely perfect 😍