Silicone Practice LifeLike Full Hand ANAIS

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High-Quality Silicone Practice LifeLike Full Hand With External Coloring ANAIS

Available in a range of 6 different skin tones:

  • Nordic Winter (fair skin tone with cool undertone)
  • Winter (light-colored skin tone with neutral undertone)
  • Autumn (warm, golden, medium color skin tone with warm undertone)
  • Indian Summer (warm skin tone with gold-yellowish undertone)
  • Summer (golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with warm undertone)
  • TrueTan™ Summer is the latest, upgraded version of the LifeLike colouring to Summer skin tone products. It represents dark skin person's real hand to the finest details: natural colour variation and perfect blending of colours between the top of the hand and the palm, the wrist as well as the sides of each finger, true-to-life colour variation,  detailed flexion creases on the palm.

Available 2 types:

  • Poseable (bendable fingers with wire reinforcement inside that can be moved and fixed into various  positions)
  • Flexible (soft, non-poseable fingers can be easily bent into various position but not fixed)

Silicone practice hands are valuable tools for students, Nail Technicians, Nail Educators and hobbyists. For anyone who wants to learn or master nail skills, as well as for displaying their work on social media and in a nail salon or home studio. 

There are many advantages of silicone hands, one of them is that virtually nothing adheres to it. It allows for easy clean-up of little mistakes such as flooded cuticle areas or excess product on sidewalls while mastering nail product application techniques.

However, it makes attaching sculpting nail forms difficult, no matter how strong the glue on the back of your forms is. FormsFix is the very much-needed, first professional solution to a problem (learn more)

*FormsFix designed for anyone working with sculpting nail forms on Aleana silicone practice hands is not included

*Nail tips are not included 

*Hand Holder is not included

*What is Gift Box Option ?

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Carla Crawford
In Keeping With Your High Standard...

My newest Aleana Practice Hand is BEAUTIFUL! I continue to be impressed by your attention to detail and the high quality of your products. Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence, I love ALL of my practice hands. They are "hands down" THE BEST! Definitely 5-Stars!!!

Ida Andersson

If you are thinking about getting it, DO IT! I love it, it’s perfect. Looks very real and the details are so good.

Annalisa Russo

É la seconda che prendo e la consiglio a livello di qualità e di praticità! Sembra veramente una mano vera!


Es la segunda mano que pido y me ha impresionado como la primera, esta vez he cogido el color Summer y no podría estar más feliz, tiene un tono divino y el nivel de detalle del color de la piel es impresionante, recomiendo mucho estas manos de practica ya que es como trabajar con una mano de un cliente real

Candace P.

I LOVE my Aleana hand, I ordered the Summer skin tone. The details and skin shading is made to perfection. I really enjoy photographing my nail creations with Aleana hand. Im saving up, to purchase another shade Aleana hand soon.