Extra Long Nail Tips

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10 Extra Long Natural Colour / Clear Nail Tips

Set of 5 nail tips: sized for your Aleana practice full hand / half hand / middle finger + 1 sized for your Aleana practice Thumb + 4 additional nail tips of different sizes.

These are the perfect nail tips to glide into the deep canal as far as it comfortably goes and until it fits firmly in place. 

It is recommended to put a little water for better gliding while inserting a nail tip into the cuticle canals and removing it out.

  • N0 = ℓ 92*14 mm X 1
  • N1 = sized for single practice Thumb x 1
  • N2 = sized for Thumb (for full hand) x 1
  • N3 = ℓ 84*11 mm X 1
  • N4 = ℓ 80*11 mm X 1
  • N5 = sized for Middle Finger (for full hand / half hand) x 1
  • N6 = sized for Index Finger (for full hand / half hand) and for single practice Middle Finger x 1
  • N7 = sized for Ring Finger (for full hand / half hand) 
  • N8 = ℓ 71*9 mm X 1
  • N9 = sized for Pinky Finger (for full hand / half hand) x 1

Please make sure to choose the right size of the nail tips before applying.