Silicone Practice One Colour Full Hand ALEXANDRA

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High-Quality Silicone Practice One Colour Full Hand ALEXANDRA

Available in a range of 4 different skin tones:

  • Winter (cool, ivory, light-colored skin tone with neutral undertone; PANTONE 2Y02 SP)
  • Autumn (warm, golden, medium color skin tone with warm undertone; PANTONE 1R08 SP)
  • Indian Summer (warm skin tone with gold-yellowish undertone)
  • Summer (golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with warm undertone; PANTONE 3R12 SP)

Available 2 types:

  • Poseable (bendable fingers with wire reinforcement inside that can be moved and fixed into various  positions)
  • Flexible (soft, non-poseable fingers can be easily bent into various position but not fixed)

Reusable, convenient for nail art practicing.

*Nail tips are not included 

*Hand Holder is not included

Customer Reviews

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The best investment you can make as a nail tech!

These hands are definitely the best investment you can make as a nail tech. Very realistic and easy to work with. Now I'm definitely buying Autumn and Summer full hands to complete my collection of different skin tones.