We were told: ''You've never even seen a black person in your life.''

Practice hands, fingers, and thumbs by Aleana Hand are the most realistic and life-like practice supports on the worldwide market. Currently, they come in 4 skin tones: Winter, Autumn, Indian Summer and Summer. 3 models are available to choose from: Anais, Alexandra and the World's First Male Practice Hand Axel

If you are looking for a hand model which looks and feels like a real hand, then the LifeLike external colouring option is what you want to select. This option accurately represents the natural look including the freckles, veins, and creases, and it’s stunning!

However, there was something about the Summer skin tone that was bothering Aleana Hand founders from the beginning.

Summer wasn't fully accomplished without a TrueTan.

At Aleana Hand, the team knows perfectly well that dark skin person’s palms are very light in colour. However, up until now, the fabrication process didn’t allow the creation of this true-to-life colour variation.

They even received a message saying: ''You've never even seen a black person in your life.''
Perhaps a bit harsh, however, I can understand the frustration of the person who said it.
The Community of Black People frequently feel misrepresented by the media and even offended by brands.

For example, cosmetic brands time and time again photoshop light skin models hands to make it look like dark skin models. How do people realize it is photoshopped? The palms of the hands are the same colour as the top of the hands.

There's no excuse for that! There are plenty of beautiful, dark skin models looking for work, but it is still happening, and it's understandably frustrating.

What the person who messaged Aleana Hand didn’t realize is that by then, the team was already working tirelessly on inventing solutions which would allow representing the Summer skin tone to as high standard as they wished from the beginning. They are perfectionists, and they succeeded! TrueTan is finally here this Summer. 

Introducing 'TrueTan a true representation of dark skin person's real hand by Aleana Hand.

TrueTan is the latest, upgraded version of the LifeLike colouring to Summer skin tone products. It represents dark skin person's real hand to the finest details and adds yet an­other level to Aleana Hand's already premium products!

I am truly lost for words to describe it. My thought when I saw it for the first time was that it is breathtakingly beautiful! It is unique, exceptionally real and there is absolutely nothing like this on the worldwide market.

Aleana Hand yet again invented a solution to an existing problem, no one else has ever done before! 

What is your first impression?

Just take a moment to look closely at how incredibly real it looks. Focus on the natural colour variation and perfect blending of colours between the top of the hand and the palm, the wrist as well as the sides of each finger. How beautifully crafted it is and the attention to detail is mind-blowing!

Look at the colours of the darker and lighter parts of the hand and how harmonious they are, how they compliment one another. Can you see how detailed the flexion creases are on the palm? How beautifully they represent a dark skin person’s real hand? It really is a TrueTan and it is stunning!
There is absolutely nothing artificial about this hand, it looks and feels exceptionally real!

All Aleana Hand products are of outstanding quality and beauty. In my opinion, TrueTan practice hand is their signature product. It represents the expertise, passion, creativity, and persistence in continuously innovating outstanding products, breaking the barrier of the impossible and filling the gaps, of what was once missing on the worldwide market of our amazing nail industry.

''Hey, let’s make and sell some silicone practice hands.''

There are many brands which seem to have woken up one day and said: ''Hey, let’s make and sell some silicone practice hands''  without any expertise or experience. That goes for many other nail products too. These days new nail brands and products are popping out everywhere like mushrooms after rainfall and the majority of them create products very similar to those already available on the market. 

Aleana Hand is NOT one of them! They do things differently, and this is what got them to the very top of the market in such a short time.

Aleana is handcrafted with expert knowledge, experience, and passion.

Did you know that the founders behind Aleana Hand have the expertise and over two decades of experience at the global forefront in producing the highest quality, most realistic, customized silicone cosmetic Prosthetics? Yes! They literally change people’s lives, give back lost confidence and happiness.

They also wanted to add value to the nail industry. Aleana Hand was born out of inspiration from their own LifeLike Prosthetics. How cool is that?

The founders had an idea to bring their knowledge and experience to the world of nail art and create the very best products they can in a shorter time and much more cost-effective than real Prosthetics. They created for us these stunning practice hands to help us develop our skills, elevate social media, attract clients and grow our businesses.

If you own any of Aleana Hand products, I am confident you will agree with me, that when it comes to quality and beauty they have no competition! In fact, in my opinion, they are the biggest competitor to other brands on the International market.

However, it doesn’t stop them from innovating, improving their processes and searching for new solutions to continuously provide us with the very best in every aspect.

How TrueTan was born?

TrueTan was inspired by a tan of a real person. Aleana Hand founders have created many of Life like Prosthetics for dark skin persons over the years, down to matching the colours perfectly to individual client’s skin tone and undertone.

The prosthetic production processes and techniques allow them to do so. However, the practice hands production process and fabrication steps had been modified to provide faster delivery and much more cost-effective products, and with the modifications came limitations as to what was possible to achieve. Well, at least for a while, but that’s in the past now.

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” —Bill Bradley

There is no doubt that Aleana Hand is the leading innovator within the practice hand niche of the nail industry, and it didn’t happen by accident, neither did the TrueTan invention.

Apart from the knowledge and experience, it took many months of dedication, ambition, and perseverance. Testing new techniques, materials and time-consuming colouring processes before finding the best solution allowing the recreation of the true to life, real hand colour difference on Summer skin tone. 

The result of their work is the extraordinary TrueTan finish to your chosen Aleana practice hand.
It is an extra special product which took extra special people and efforts to invent, and I hope you can appreciate why it also cost extra. It’s a longer and more costly process and the finished product is luxurious, exclusive and absolutely worth it!

Are you confused about which Aleana hand you should buy?

Here are your options.

One Colour for budget saving option. 

  • Perfect for practice if elevating your social media image isn’t your main goal. 
  • The nails can be fitted securely in the deep nail canals for nail art, product application practice and tip extensions.
  • Use FormsFix for attaching sculpting nail forms. It’s another great invention by Aleana Hand, you can read more about it in the dedicated blog post here.   

The regular LifeLike option. 

  • Stunning realistic look with external, permanent colouring. 
  • Perfect for elevating your social media look. 
  • Looks amazing in photos and videos!    

TrueTan is the cherry on the cake option. 

  • You can add it to purchase of the available full and half hands as well as fingers and thumbs in Summer skin tone to achieve this exceptionally realistic look. 
  • It will attract a lot of attention on your social media and make you stand out from the crowd big time!   

The perfect gift!

TrueTan Summer practice hand by Aleana Hand is The World’s First, exclusive, luxurious product and an invaluable tool! It is the perfect present, especially when ordered in the beautifully elegant signature black gift box.

If you have your birthday coming soon, you will know who to send the link to.😉
Or just treat yourself, You deserve it!

Aleana Hand has a present for you!

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By the way, if you don't follow Aleana Hand yet, you are also missing out on nail trends, inspirations, and great deals. You can find their social media here.

Till next time.
Stay well, stay happy and enjoy the Summer!