About Aleana Practice Hand

If you are a manicure technician or student, you probably already know that when it comes to testing your new creations or ideas, realism is key. Sometimes, a friend or a client might be available to hone your skills, but in order to gain real life experience at anything, many hours of trial and error are necessary.

Our superior practice supports are designed with one clear goal in mind, to make the lives of our demanding customers easier every day. We do this by creating the most realistic and life like practice supports on the market. We achieve this by rigorously recreating the natural look of a hand down to the finest detail. This means accurately representing even the tiniest details, such as freckles, veins and skin of a human hand, so that you can practice your craft just as if you were doing it with a real human hand.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of top quality practice hands worldwide, as well as leading innovators within our niche industry, generating long lasting relationships with our strong base of loyal customers, who consistently look for the best available practice support for their nail designs.

Practice Hand Magnetic Fixation

Each practice hand is individually handcrafted

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