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Hands down, you need to offer MENicure!

Why men are the perfect clients for extra revenue and your salon's popularity?

Beauty is no longer gender-specific and less stigmatized thanks to social media, popular male beauty influencers and celebrities proudly wearing perfectly groomed brows or nail art.

The Global Nail Care Market size is expected to reach $13 billion by 2024. Over 40% of men between 30-55 years old invest in their appearance. Male orientated beauty salon's menu has on offer everything from lash and brow services to waxing, facials and nail care including art.

Male manicure is NOT a new trend, it’s as old as time!

We all heard the saying that history has a tendency to repeat itself, and this is exactly what’s happening.

Archaeologists discovered that most men in southern Babylonia wore nail polish around 3,200 BC Similarly, 3,000 BC in China, nail varnish was a luxury reserved for people in the higher classes, both men and women. Whereas in Egypt, everyone was encouraged to paint their nails.

There is no definitive documentation of why and how, over the years, culture had reserved nail polishes solely for women. Still, we know that by 1930 Revlon was marketing pink and red shades specifically to females. However, rock stars such as Kurt Cobain, Lou Reed, David Bowie and Mick Jagger to name a few were rebelling against gender norms imposed by society from the 1970s, proudly wearing makeup and nail polish.

Men have been heard at last.

In 2020 Major fashion label CHANEL released a new line of nail varnishes ‘’Boy De Chanel’’ specifically for men, and other brands are following suit.

Today, many celebrities in the world of music or fashion, as well as many average Joes, add colour and texture to their fingertips.

Men are the nail industry's newest clientele, and they are not going anywhere, in fact, they are coming for more each year. It is time to open your eyes to the possibilities of this enormous new clientele and extra revenue.

Beauty Man Caves are still hard to find.

The demand for male nail services is growing, but there still aren't many strictly male-orientated nail and beauty salons. Creating a business for a specific niche is one option, another is to create a gender-neutral salon environment, decor, and menu.

The pink flower wall you put up 3 years ago most likely will make your male clients pass by or feel like he doesn’t belong there. If you are committed to growing your business, perhaps it’s time to redecorate and move away from the salon atmosphere evoking gendered stereotypes.

Don’t FEAR the competition. BE the competition. Lead the way.

If you don’t want to miss a chunk of that $13 billion revenue and watch your competition grow and gain popularity while you wonder why you have not thought about it sooner, then get in the game now.

What services can you offer?

  1. Classic/combined manicure.

Men in executive positions who shake on deals with partners draw attention to their hands, and they know that first impression matters. They are your potential regular clients, just as anyone working with customers, public or in media.

  1. Full Hand Grooming for Men. Designed for hard-working hands.

Physical workers such as car mechanics may not have immaculate hands, which is understandable, but they don't live in a garage. They attend social events, family meetings, and holidays wanting to look good and feel attractive. Offer longer appointments, and use the best quality skin care products and tools to provide transforming results. Top it off with a hand and forearm massage for those tense and tired muscles, and they will return for more.

  1. Pedicure

Healthy feet are important for all of us, especially for men who love sports, but also for those on their feet all day. Tired, sweaty feet, rough skin and overgrown toenails are a common sight in the gym and summer flip-flops, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Next time you advertise your pedicure service, perhaps instead of a photo of women’s holiday toes (which are everywhere) you can show beautifully transformed men’s feet and add a few health benefits of a pedicure.

  1. Overlay and extensions

One doesn't have to be a rock star to play guitar and have the need to for their fingernails to be a certain length. It serves as a guitar pick, increasing the volume and strength of the note. It is pretty common for guitarists to have nail overlay or short extensions, especially if they struggle to grow their natural nails.

  1. Nail art

Not only celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Harry Styles or Post Malone to name a few are embracing nail art. It is a great way of self-expression, similar to tattoos or piercings, but not permanent.

Football team flag colours are ideal for that big game, but may not complement a smart suit for a formal dinner. It is easily changed or removed, even at home, if it's created with regular nail polish.

Nail art can also be created using gel polish, gel paints, gel, and even acrylic. It can be flat or raised to give texture. Talk to your client to understand and meet his needs.

OK, but what kind of nail art men like to wear?

It is like asking what nail art women like to wear? It depends on age, style, character, interests, occasion and other factors. Below are examples of what is popular.

  • Geometric designs

Look created by: @salvajemensclub

  • Old English Font Letters


Look created by: @nicetips

  • Emojis

Look created by: @salvajemensclub

  • Graffiti style nail art

Look created by: @ulanamif

  • Thunder and flames are popular

Look created by: @frediebm

  • Chess pattern

Look created by: @hidaramos_nails_queen

What about colours?

As above, it is very personal, but in general:

  • Black nails or nail art including black dominates.

  • Combinations of primary colours (red, yellow, and blue) with black and white accents are common.

  • We also see various shades of blue, and green, earthy colours from brown and orange to muted pastels.

  • As well as bold, neon colours and chrome silver.

Axel will give you a helping hand.

As you know, Aleana Hand is a pioneer in nail industry and yet again created a unique product which wasn’t available on the professional market before. Axel-The World's First Male Practice Hand.

Similar to other practice hands, Axel is available in 4 different skin tones and a choice of one colour or the amazing LifeLike, permanent external colouring. Poseable or flexible depending on your needs and budget, Axel will transform your social media to male friendly and will be an invaluable male nail art practice tool.

You can also add a custom tattoo which looks awesome on a male hand, and you can be sure it will attract a lot of attention and compliment your nail art.

10 TIPS for a good start.

  1. If you haven't yet purchased Axel-The World's First Male Practice Hand by Aleana Hand, definitely buy it (here). Use it for practice and social media.

  2. Use decals, nail foils and stamping plates for superfast and beautiful nail art.

  3. Search for nail art inspirations on Pinterest. Look at male hand tattoos and fashion for colour, patterns, and symbol inspirations.

  4. Practice, practice, and practice to be efficient! Fast and high-quality service is what they expect. Time is money for you and for them.

  5. Create a nail art portfolio to display in your salon.

  6. Share your work on social media, it’s free advertisement. Use popular hashtags such as: #malepolish, #mennails, #mensnails, #malemanicure, #malenails,

  7. If your manicure skills are not up to scratch, this is the time to take a great course and practice on family and friends. Do not experiment on paying clients.

  8. Ask your female clients to bring their other half and offer a good deal to encourage the first male clients through the door and word of mouth.

  9. Make the men feel in control, explain every step briefly. Remember, it’s all new for them.

  10. Offer a Gentlemen's Manicure home care kit consisting of a soft brush for daily cleaning, nail file, cuticle pusher and cuticle oil as well as your choice of great quality hand cream depending on client's needs. Don't forget about instructions, if he doesn't know how to use the kit, he won’t. A short video on your social media would be even better.

High quality tools make your work faster, easier and more refined.

I have been using Staleks tools for a few years and I love the high quality, choice, and education they provide. For home kit as well as for your own use in the salon, I recommend:


It is perfect for men as it is designed to push away overgrown or strongly attached cuticles safely.
It is a double-ended pusher, ideal for various sizes and shapes of nails.
Furthermore, it doesn't have a sharp end, eliminating the risk of injury in inexperienced hands.

  • NAIL FILE ABRASIVE - (STALEKS Disposable files-cases for a straight nail file base 180 grit.) Easy, and safe to use, perfect for home care kit

Men can bring new lease of life to your salon atmosphere and revenue. It’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Please share your male nail art on Axel practice hand using Instagram #aleanahand.
I am looking forward to seeing it. Till then!

Stay safe, stay well, stay in the game x



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