User Manual

How to use

After choosing the right size tips for each nail, spray a little IPA70% on the back of each tip. This will help for better gliding when inserting a nail tip into the relevant finger canal of your practice hand. Push the tip into the deep canal as far as it will comfortably go and until it feels firmly in place and is ready to be used. Once done, you can perform any technique: nail art, acrylic nails, gel nails, etc. The practice hand is adapted for use under LED and UV lamps.

After finishing, simply remove the tips. Inject (spray) a little water in between the tips and the silicone for better glide, and an easier removal.


Use soap and water (cold or hot) to clean the silicone surface. If the surface is heavily soiled, you can also use a soft brush.

If necessary, you can disinfect the silicone surface with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA70%).

For the models with an embedded magnet, it is important to ensure that the magnet does not make contact with any water. You many dip other areas of the hand into water in order to clean it. To clean the side where the magnet is housed, please wipe around the area carefully with a wet wipe or damp cloth and dry immediately.

If the gel polish, base or top, catches onto the surface of the silicone, just wipe it off using nail cleaner. You can also remove it from the surface after baking it under the UV/LED lamp.


Do not bend the fingers into an abnormal position. Bend the built-in armature in the fingers with care without making any sudden repeated, or unnatural, movements (flexion-extension).

Do not apply any type of oil (including cuticle oil) to the silicone surface. This will make the surface shiny.

Do not cut silicone, especially the fine cuticle area. You can damage the practice hand doing this.

Avoid contact between the silicone surface and your nail file and/or nail bit when filing the acrylic tips or else you can ruin the paint and damage the external layer of silicone. We advise that you create the tips’ shape away from your practice hand before inserting them into the fingers to prevent silicone surface abrasion

Material compatibility

Do not immerse your hand in acetone. This will deform your practice hand and will make the silicone brittle.

You can wipe the silicone surface with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA70%).