Colour Base Pastel N 02

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Kodi Professional Colour Rubber Base Gel – Pastel 02

Colour – Milk with a slight touch of coffee.

Thanks to its strong pigmentation, it flawlessly hides any imperfections on the nail plate. It's perfect for a single-color application. 

It is recommended to apply it in two layers:

  1. The first layer should be applied as thinly as possible, using rubbing movements.
  2. The second layer can be applied more densely.

When applying this colour base to a weakened nail plate, it is recommended to apply Transparent Rubber Base under the Colour Base Gel.

Advantages of Colour Base Gel Pastel:

  • Perfect adhesion.
  • Self-levels well.
  • Convenient consistency and viscosity.
  • High thixotropy level.
  • Efficient polymerization even in a dense layer.
  • Easy to apply and does not spread
  • Ideal for thin, brittle, and problematic nails with pronounced irregularities.
  • Easy to level
  • Excellent quality
  • High resistance

Recommended polymerization time:

Thin layer: UV – 1 min, LED – 1 min

Leveling layer: UV – 2 min, LED – 2 min

For leveling technique, it is necessary to use a thin layer first!

Matte black glass bottle, 8 ml. Cap with brush.

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