Magnetic Practice LifeLike Half Hand ALEXANDRA

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High-Quality Silicone Practice LifeLike Half Hand With Embedded Magnet ALEXANDRA

Adjusted to fit our Magnetic Practice Holder

The strong magnetic force securely holds your Aleana practice half hand with ease.

Available in a range of 6 different skin tones:

  • Nordic Winter¬†(fair skin tone¬†with cool undertone)
  • Winter¬†(light-colored¬†skin tone with neutral undertone)
  • Autumn¬†(warm, golden, medium¬†color¬†skin tone with warm¬†undertone)
  • Indian Summer¬†(warm skin tone with gold-yellowish¬†undertone)
  • Summer¬†(golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with warm¬†undertone)
  • TrueTan‚ĄĘ¬†Summer¬†is the latest, upgraded version of the LifeLike colouring to Summer skin tone products. It represents dark skin person's real hand to the finest details:¬†natural colour variation and perfect blending of colours between the top of the hand and the palm, the wrist as well as the sides of each finger, true-to-life colour variation,¬† detailed flexion creases on the palm.

Available 2 types:

  • Poseable¬†(bendable fingers with¬†wire reinforcement¬†inside that¬†can be moved and fixed into various ¬†positions)
  • Flexible¬†(soft, non-poseable fingers can be¬†easily¬†bent¬†into various position but not fixed)

Reusable, convenient for nail art practicing.

*Magnetic Practice Holder is not included 

*Nail tips are not included 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Savannah Fracasso
    Highly recommend

    I looked at that hand for like 30 minutes and can‚Äôt tell a difference between that and my real hand. It is perfect for nail art videos ūüôĆ easy to use, the magnet is very strong and the flexibility and density if the hand feels like a real one. My complaint with my order is it took about 2-3 months to actually receive the hand and the consumer support kept giving me half a** responses when I reached out to get the order status. Other than waiting a really long time for the hand, the hand is perfect and it is so much better then what i was expecting

    Raisa Ramos
    Very nice

    Thanks so much excelente

    Absolutely Amazing

    These are so life like it‚Äôs scary ūüėĪ I bought mine as I‚Äôm a nail art blogger and do lots of PR which seems to cause a lot of stress on my own nails, so I got this hand to help, nobody even knew it wasn‚Äôt my own hand that‚Äôs how real it looks, I‚Äôm so thankful I found this company they have saved my natural nails ūüíÖūüŹľ I will be definitely buying a full hand as well 1000% recommended

    Tiffany Jelsma
    Very nice!!!

    These hands are amazing!!! Very lifelike. Very easy to work with. Next purchase will be the flexible hands and mens hands.

    Amazing Quality

    These are absolutely beautiful and so realistic. The customer service is amazing as well.