Magnetic Practice LifeLike Half Hand Starter KIT

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Magnetic Practice LifeLike Half Hand Starter Kit Includes:

1. Silicone Practice Magnetic Half Hand of your choice:

  • Anais Collection
  • Alexandra Collection¬†

Available in a range of 6 different skin tones:

  • Nordic Winter¬†(fair skin tone¬†with cool undertone)
  • Winter¬†(light-colored¬†skin tone with neutral undertone)
  • Autumn¬†(warm, golden, medium¬†color¬†skin tone with warm¬†undertone)
  • Indian Summer¬†(warm skin tone with gold-yellowish¬†undertone)
  • Summer¬†(golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with warm¬†undertone)
  • TrueTan‚ĄĘ¬†Summer (upgraded version of the LifeLike colouring to Summer skin tone products)

Available 2 types:

  • Poseable¬†(bendable fingers with¬†wire reinforcement¬†inside that¬†can be moved and fixed into various ¬†positions)
  • Flexible¬†(soft, non-poseable fingers can be¬†easily¬†bent¬†into various position but not fixed)


2. Magnetic 4 in 1 Practice Holder


3. Practice Holder Support Stone Base of your choice:

  • Arctic White Silestone
  • Sparkling Black Silestone
  • Iced White Silestone
  • Black Granite

4. Nail Tips in corresponding size:

  • Natural


5. Silicone White Mat