Magnetic Practice One Colour Half Hand ALEXANDRA

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High-Quality Silicone Practice One Colour Half Hand with Embedded Magnet ALEXANDRA

Adjusted to fit our Magnetic Practice Holder

The strong magnetic force securely holds your Aleana practice half hand with ease.

Available in a range of 5 different skin tones:

  • Nordic Winter¬†(fair skin tone¬†with cool undertone)
  • Winter¬†(light-colored¬†skin tone with neutral undertone)
  • Autumn¬†(warm, golden, medium¬†color¬†skin tone with warm¬†undertone)
  • Indian Summer¬†(warm skin tone with gold-yellowish¬†undertone)
  • Summer¬†(golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with warm¬†undertone)

    Available 2 types:

    • Poseable¬†(bendable fingers with¬†wire reinforcement¬†inside that¬†can be moved and fixed into various ¬†positions)
    • Flexible¬†(soft, non-poseable fingers can be¬†easily¬†bent¬†into various position but not fixed)

    Reusable, convenient for nail art practicing.

    *Magnetic Practice Holder is not included

    *Nail tips are not included 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      LOVE the product, but missing parts

      First, your web site is awesome, the process is very easy and the order was delivered well ahead of Christmas. My wife was SOOOO excited!!! This was her #1 gift! but... There was a missing part ... She received the hand and the plate that it magnetized to, but the linkage between the plate and the stand was missing, so there's nothing to attach the plate to. She's been feeling ill, so I'm not sure if she's contacted you yet, but she will.

      Your products are super awesome, my wife loves you guys, and we enjoy doing business with you. If not for the missing part, you guys would have received a resounding 5-stars.

      We are certainly not angry with you - this stuff happens. But if you can help make it right, I would greatly appreciate it. I will gladly raise my rating to 5, cuz you guys rock!!

      Thanks much, and I hope to hear from you soon. Craig Tinsley

      Perez jeanneret
      Sembra veramente vera

      La mano è stupenda... super vera, si lavora benissimo un gran acquisto.
      L'unica pecca che non c'entra con la mano e che o dovuto aspettare molto molto per la consegna. A vi do 5 stelle perché siete stati anche veloce nella risposta dei miei dubbi.