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Who is the lucky blogger for Aleana Hand?

Hi, I'm the lucky one!
My name is Justyna Wrobel. I am an experienced nail artist and a newbie independent nail educator living in England.
I am passionate about personal development, competing, teaching and researching.

I love learning new things from all areas of life, and I'm naturally very curious.
Are you familiar with children's never-ending questions of why and how?
Well, I've never grown out of it.

I should put my money in the bank but I buy nail supplies instead.

Joking aside, my background as an investment advisor for one of the global banks thought me a lot about money, however, life though me that the best investment is in yourself.

Not only a financial investment in your education, professional products, and tools, but also a time investment to learn and practice. Faith in yourself, discipline, consistency, and persistence can take you places you never thought possible.
The nail industry has many paths, it is up to you to explore them and take your pick.

What came my way may come yours. Be prepared.

In early 2021 I decided to take an extensive independent nail instructor’s course with one of the Internationally recognized Nail experts. I was surprised and thrilled when she offered me a position at her online school where I worked with her students till the end of the year before leaving to embark on my new journey.

This is where I discovered my passion for teaching.
Motivating, supporting and watching students grow truly is an amazing feeling.

Teaching not only the technical aspects of our profession, but also how to learn and practice efficiently.
I am passionate about neuroscience, how our brain works and how to make the fastest progress in the shortest time. How to develop manual skills and boost creativity.

Early this year, I received an offer to become a brand educator for a brand I use and love! It was a wonderful surprise and a hard choice, but my heart is set on being independent, so I carry on developing my own educational program.

When the opportunity to write blog posts for Aleana Hand arose, I felt excited and privileged.
Aleana Hand is one of my favourite brands in the nail industry. One, I have so much respect and admiration for as a result of their ethics, values, innovation and positive impact on the professional lives of people like you and me. I came across their brand whilst researching the perfect practice hand for my future championship training, and I found it!

The only practice hand that represents real finger anatomy, with the sidewalls at the right angles, not to mention the beautifully manicured cuticle area and long nail beds. Just the perfect model!

I have had numerous practice hands and fingers over the years. Some of them made practice difficult, and others were ok to practice product application or salon-type enhancements however, championship standards are very demanding, and they were simply not suitable for this purpose. My beloved Anais is.

If you have read the previous post about FormsFix you will understand why I was so excited about it, if you have not, go and catch up here.

How it all started.

Like some of you, I’ve never planned to become a nail professional.
In my previous life, I worked in Banking investments and the finance department of the Ministry of Justice. Sounds boring, but I enjoyed my job.

I wasn't going to quit my job in finance to paint nails right?


8 years ago, I signed up for my first course at a nail academy to gain professional knowledge and skills, for myself, I wasn’t planning on a career change.

Soon after another school, 3 more courses and 11 nail competitions organized by the school for students which got me hooked on competing and taught me that growth starts at the end of our comfort zone.

For 3 years I worked as a Nail Technician in the evenings and at the weekends alongside my day job before transitioning to full-time nail technician 5 years ago.

Growth is addictive.

Since then, I took more courses than I can count.
I've learned from international educators and judges around the world. From various types of manicure, salon, and extreme nail architecture, tip and sculpting extensions to various nail art techniques such as one stroke, zhostovo, aquarelle, 3D, encapsulated designs in UV Gel and Liquid & Powder.
Freehand, flowers and seasonal nail art workshops, the list is long, but there always was and still is so much more I want to learn.

The Championship thrill is something every nail tech should experience at least once!

My first Championship experience was during my participation in the live NailPro Championships in 2020 in the category ‘’On my own’’
It was salon-style acrylic sculptured French, which in this category is performed on our own hand, just one.
I wasn't expecting much, I knew I wasn't ready, but I needed to test myself.My goal was to get to the top 10.
I came 4th, one place away from the podium.

I was delighted about my high notes despite my lack of preparation and nervously shaking hands throughout the competition, but the perfectionist in me was disappointed I didn't win a trophy.
I knew I still had a lot to learn.

One year later in 2021 I entered ‘’Mixed Media Tip box’’ at NailPro Poland and placed 2nd. It was an improvement, but I was hungry for more.

A few months later I finally took 1st place in NailPro Europe in the technical and artistic category of ‘’French Twist’’ which I sculptured with UV builder gel.

And lastly, only weeks later in 2021, I won 1st place at NailPro Poland in ‘’3D Nail art Tip Box’’

I am only beginning to spread my wings in the world of championship and nail education, but it has already been a very exciting, challenging and rewarding journey.

All that glitters is not gold.

Warren Buffett famous quote says ‘’It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently’’

I've learned that not all championships are equal and worth taking part, some may hurt your reputation.

The quality of products, tools, and championships you take part in defines your standards.
Just as the brands you associate yourself with, whether positive or negative, will reflect on your reputation as a professional. Not only in the eyes of other nail professionals but also in your clients whose expectations increasingly grow along with the awareness of our profession, safety, hazards, and nail trends.

All the good and bad choices I made over the years gave me a priceless experience I would like to share with you.


It's all about you and all for you.

Aleana Hand created this blog for you. To give you value, inspiration, motivation, answers to questions you might have, the latest trends and tips.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you and write about subjects that are valuable and interesting to you, so please share with us your thoughts, your pains, and your struggles. No subject or issue is too small or too big.

  • Perhaps you struggle to master acrylic application or would like to take part in a nail championship, but you don't know where to start?
  • Maybe you get a lot of compliments about your work, but all you see are mistakes? That used to be me.
  • Perhaps you feel like your manicure is not Instagram-worthy, but no amount of practice brings you the results you wish for?
  • Would you like some tips on a particular nail art technique?
  • Do you wonder what is trending in the world of nails?
  • Are you a beginner lost in the sea of nail art brushes? How to choose the right ones, or do you need them all?

Let us know through Aleana Hand Social media accounts.
Any questions or struggles you might have you can be sure many other nail enthusiasts or professionals have too. Not everyone will ask the question, but many search for the same answers.

I look forward to your suggestions.

Stay safe, stay well, stay cool and hydrated.