Attaching Nail forms to a silicone practice hand has never been easier!

Introducing FormsFix by Aleana Hand

Do you struggle to secure nail sculpting forms to your silicone practice hand? 

Perhaps you tried various DIY methods such as clips and wrapping the fingers with sticky tape, only to find out it peeled away or moved, together with the nail forms you've applied before you finished your work? 

If so, you fully understand the frustration and waste of time spent securing the nail forms instead of mastering your skills or letting your creative juices flow. 

Silicone practice hands and fingers are valuable tools for students, Nail Technicians, Nail Educators and hobbyists. For anyone who wants to learn or master nail skills, as well as for displaying their work on social media and in a nail salon or home studio. 

There are many advantages of silicone hands, one of them is that virtually nothing adheres to it. It allows for easy clean-up of little mistakes such as flooded cuticle areas or excess product on sidewalls while mastering nail product application techniques. 

However, it makes attaching sculpting nail forms difficult, no matter how strong the glue on the back of your forms is. 

NO MORE Struggle

Aleana Hand is introducing FormsFix™ – an innovative, revolutionary and professional solution to your problem. 

Designed for anyone working with sculpting nail forms on Aleana silicone practice hands, fingers, or thumbs. 


What is FormsFix?

FormsFix™ is the missing piece in the world of beautifully crafted, high-quality, professional tools and accessories. 

It is a solution people like you and me around the world were waiting for, for years.

It is a clear, disposable finger sleeve designed to be used with Aleana Hand heat gun. 

When heated, FormsFix will shrink and mould to the size, shape, and groves of a finger, creating a very tight, mould-like fit to the silicone skin. 

It does not produce any smell. 

The sleeves come in two sizes:

  • 3cm sleeve for the fingers of half hand, single middle finger, fingers of Alexandra’s and Axel’s full hand (not the thumbs) and all fingers and thumb of Aleana’s full hand. 
  • a larger 4cm sleeve for the single thumb as well as the thumb of Alexandra’s and Axel’s full hand. 

The process of attaching FormsFix™ to your Aleana hand or fingers is super easy, fast and most importantly it provides a solid and reliable platform for fitting various types of sculpting nail forms. 

Paper, aluminium and plastic-backed forms all work great with FormsFix™. 

It also works with all sizes of sculpting nail forms, from short, for salon-length extensions to extremely long for a championship-worthy piece of art. 

Whether you work with gel and float it gently on the nail form or with liquid & powder or acrygel which requires heavier brush pressure to be applied, you can rest assured your form will stay exactly in the same position you carefully placed it in, until you are ready to take it off. 

How to use it?

Simply cut the long sleeve between the Aleana Hand logo prints, this will ensure the perfect size for a stable fit. 

Slide it on the finger and heat the FormsFix™ with Aleana Hand heat gun following the step-by-step printed instructions provided with your order. 

Don't worry if you misplace it, the instructions are also available on the website. 

After securing the FormsFix™ you are ready to prepare your forms, this allows a few seconds for the FormsFix to cool down after applying the heat. 

The sculpting nail forms can be attached, peeled off, repositioned and attached again to the FormsFix without it sliding off and obstructing the cuticle area. 

A common problem with the sticky tape method. 

Once you are finished, simply pull off and discard the FormsFix™. No sticky residue is left behind. 

It is that simple! 

100% recyclable!

Being eco-responsible is an integral part of Aleana Hand business ethics and values. 

As part of their commitment to our planet, Aleana Hand goes above and beyond to innovate eco-friendly solutions and products. 

FormsFix is one of these solutions as it is made from 100% recyclable material. 

Yes, that's right, 100% recyclable. 

The material can be ground into small particles, cleaned, remelted and remoulded to create the same or a different product, this means there is no waste at the production stage, and you can recycle your used FormsFix. 

Your Aleana practice hand and Aleana heat gun are a great team.

You may wonder or worry if using the Aleana heat gun won't damage your precious Aleana practice hand, finger or thumb? 

Silicone rubber used in Aleana Hand products is extremely resistant to very high temperatures. 

It can withstand over 200℃ (395°F) degrees. 

Aleana Hand heat gun has been designed to reach a maximum temperature below the point, where the silicone would lose its mechanical parameters and start to degrade. 

You should not be worried about damaging your practice hand while using the Aleana Hand heat gun. 

However, other brands, especially DIY-type heat guns could damage your Aleana practice hand as they can reach extremely high temperatures of up to 600℃ (1112 °F) which is three times higher than the Aleana Hand heat gun. 

Using such high temperatures around nail products would not only be unsafe, but dangerous.  

Your safety should always come first.

Many nail products contain highly flammable chemicals and create vapours. 

The vapours and dust from filing these products are the main reasons why proper ventilation and dust extraction solutions in your workplace are important for the health and safety of you and your clients. 

We all know that. (At least we should) 

These chemicals have the potential to auto-ignite, meaning they can catch fire if exposed to extremely high heat or flame. 

Autoignition of Acetone may occur at a temperature of 465 °C (869 °F) 

Isopropyl alcohol at 399 °C (750.2 °F) 

These are extremely high temperatures, some heat guns can reach well over these numbers, that's why it would be very dangerous to even consider using them. 

Using the Aleana Heat gun in a clean environment is safe because it can reach a maximum of 200℃. 

It is less than a half of the temperature needed to auto-ignite acetone and other flammable chemicals in nail products.  

However, 200℃ is still very hot, so here are a few precautionary steps you can take:

  • Use a heat gun only in a clean, well-ventilated environment without a build-up of chemical vapours. 
  • Never use any heat source near nail products, especially bottles of acetone, nail cleaner or cuticle oil. 
  • Clear your working area from paper towels, nail wipes, brushes, and other tools. 
  • Keep your phone, and other electrical equipment away from the heat gun and the hot air flow it produces. 
  • Do not touch the nozzle of the heat gun after use, allow it a few minutes to cool down fully. 

Aleana Hand heat gun has been designed with safety in mind. 

It is a small, lightweight and elegant design, very comfortable to hold. 

It comes with a plastic nozzle protruding beyond the metal heating elements inside for your safety. 

Furthermore, it has a retractable metal stand to safely place it after use without damaging your work surface. 

Please remember to always switch it off when not in use. 

Saying that, if your work surface has a plastic-type finish, it can be a good idea to use a silicone matt during the heating process. 

It will protect it not only from the heat but also from accidental splashes of nail products such as acetone or monomer, which can discolour and damage many plastic-type finish work surfaces. 

Outlets and voltage differ internationally. Aleana Hand offers the heat gun with the correct plug for USA, UK and Japan as well as provides adapters for Denmark, Italy and Australia. 

Extra time to focus on your practice 

The lack of a professional solution to secure attachment of sculpting nail forms to silicone practice hand is a thing of the past.
Aleana Hand is a true leader of the highest quality products and solutions in the nail industry, and yet again created a product no one else created before.
FormsFix is the very much-needed, first professional solution to a problem many nail enthusiasts around the world were waiting for.
With FormsFix you enjoy your practice time, uninterrupted by frustrations, and focus on developing your skills knowing that you are also protecting our planet.
I could not wait to try it, can you?

You can purchase FormsFix™ Starter Kit here 
as well as refill FormsFix™ in 2 sizes here
as well as a heat gun here


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